Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Games pt. 2: Super Castlevania

Super Castlevania
Super Castlevania is one of the best platformers ever made.

It is not simple, I'd call it elemental.  All the best elements of the 16-bit era platformer have been refined and perfected in Super Castlevania  The controls are very responsive and rewarding.  

Super Castlevania features a spooky Gothic environment where you will challenge Dracula, Medusa, Frankenstein, and more.  Armored zombies and bats will harass you as you ascend bell towers and whip your way through swamps. 

The levels provide an increasing level of difficulty and are rewarding to complete.  New and different enemies are introduced with each level keeping the challenges fresh as the difficulty escalates.  This requires that the gamer master the character's skill sets in order to successfully deal with all of the obstacles that block your final battle with Dracula.

This game is easy to just pick up and play but effort and skill is rewarded.  I recommend this game to everyone, not just "retro-gamers".  There is something to be learned from the craftsmanship that went into composing this game as a whole.

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