Friday, November 22, 2013

PS4 Review for Killzone: Shadow Fall

The Playstation 4 console is finally out and Killzone: Shadow Fall will serve as the exclusive shooter for this next-gen system.  Killzone was a smart choice for a first wave release since it is an established franchise and provides first person shooter fans with something to sink their teeth into.

Killzone is entertaining but not captivating, which is what I think a launch game should do. 

Gameplay is standard first person style, nothing to see here.  It works but it doesnt swagger or provide any twists to the formula. 

The graphics are very good and well put together.  The colors are electric and the effects are gorgeous. One drawback is that the design is very generic and boring.  I feel like we've been imagining the same post-apocalyptic world since the late 70's. Paint by numbers

I literally cannot remember the story or any of the plot elements nor did I ever care about any of the characters.  

Multiplayer is fun for a while but not terribly dynamic.  I would rent this game but I wouldn't purchase it. 


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